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We-Vibe Ditto+




Rechargeable vibrating anal plug with app control

Ditto+ is an essential anal plug: a discreet but powerful vibrator with a tapered shape and a pleasant-to-the-touch surface for great ease of use and targeted pleasure. Coated in soft, waterproof and rechargeable silicone, Ditto+ satisfies all your desires and increases your pleasure tenfold, whatever your body type.

Ditto+ is aimed at couples wishing to spice up their lovemaking by adding new sensations to their repertoire. They have known each other for quite a long time and want to explore a new dimension of pleasure together. Our client(s) may have already tested sex toys and are looking for a new accessory.


  1. Apply water-based lubricant to the tip of the toy then slide it into the anus. If there is resistance, try to insert it by swinging it as if you were trying to fit into jeans that were too tight. If insertion is painful or unpleasant, do not insist as you risk tensing up more. Just one word: relax.

  2. Once the toy is inserted, rotate it until it feels perfectly comfortable and positioned against the prostate (if applicable).

  3. Turn the toy on by pressing the control button on its base.

  4. Explore the different vibration modes and intensity levels using the control buttons located on the toy, the remote control or the We-Vibe application.

How to control the device

Ditto+ presents different control possibilities: firstly via the single control button located on its base which allows it to be turned on or off (long press) and to switch between vibration modes or levels intensity to another (short press).

For simple and intuitive use, the We-Vibe remote control is a second option.

Finally, Ditto+ can also be controlled by the We-Vibe application. Share unique moments of pleasure anywhere.

Download the We-Vibe app on each of your smartphones, then send your partner an invitation through the app to share control.


• Comfortable shape

• 10 vibration modes

• Application and remote control

• Body-safe silicone

• Waterproof

• Rechargeable

• Quiet operation

• Low battery indicator

• 2 years warranty

Product description

Ultra soft

The soft silicone is ultra-hygienic and pleasant to the touch.


Practical and environmentally friendly for 2 hours of fun on a full charge.

More curves for more pleasure

Beautiful curves for easy insertion and maximum pleasure.

Control by app

Leave the reins to your partner, whether you're in the same room or on the other side of the world.


Ditto+ is completely waterproof so you can enjoy it anywhere and clean it easily.